Certified for exellence

THX Certification Advantage

Born out of the Star Wars legacy and tied to world's most acclaimed filmmakers and premium home entertainment products, no other brand resonates with consumers as deeply, and with greater trust, than THX. In addition to the certification of cinemas and professional mixing studios, THX works with major electronics manufacturers to bring consumers the best in home theater equipment. Today, THX is known and trusted by consumers, and is sought out when they choose equipment and professional installers. THX professional Home Theater Installation course is the most in-depth and comprehensive training available today, and the training workshops are based on years of expertise.Proven facts, solid concepts and decades of expertise come together on this unique platform, which includes classroom instruction and hands-on training.
Which is why, as certified THX trained Home Theater Installers, we offer expertise to our clients as a premium service. We harness our knowledge of new technology development and product design and training in intensive workshops, to recreate the best cinematic experience in homes.

The CEDIA Member benefit

Founded in 1989, CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) is the international trade organization for the integrated home technology industry. As a not-for-profit association, CEDIA strives to implement standards across the industry, ensuring the highest quality and levels of work for the consumer.
CEDIA members are expert in the integration of electronic systems into Home Environments.
A CEDIA member, like us, will spend time with you to find out what you need, explain what's possible and then provide you with a customised and user-friendly solution that delivers the maximum benefits for your lifestyle and budget.

Carefully selected suppliers & partners

Our close relationship with carefully selected suppliers and partners ensures that we always have full access to technical support and can often source rare or elusive spares. Right since the beginning, we have invested heavily in maintaining our position at the cutting edge of the industry and are constantly evolving. We are trained and accredited by all the major brands we deal with, and regularly attend refresher courses and training programmes to keep abreast of new developments and technologies.