Custom home cinema

A great home theatre is much, much more than just a big screen and a collection of expensive speakers. We believe it's all about an authentic movie experience at home, which is perfectly blended with imaginative architecture, designer lighting, calibrated acoustics, and impeccable viewing comfort. Just the setting you need to be transported into 'movieland' at the touch of a button.

"Cinema should make you forget you and sitting in a theater." - Roman Polanski

Every home cinema is designed, engineered and set up by a trained and experienced team who can create a completely custom environment for our clients from scratch, that capture all the splendor and spirit of a movie. For connoisseurs across the board, custom home cinema designs transform any room into a fully functional, yet aesthetically pleasing home. Our involvement goes beyond selecting and installing equipment, and can include everything from helping decide the colour, finish and material of the ceiling and walls, to selection of draperies and carpet, and extend right up to custom seating.

Rest assured, whether you are watching the news, the day's sporting action or the latest blockbuster, home cinema viewing will never be the same again.